Hello pal!

icashflow.tk is a site created by Deji Yusuf, a web savvy entrepreneur based in Lagos Nigeria ,with the mission and vision of showing up coming internet entrepreneur and all upwardly mobile entrepreneur who are interested in starting up their own ''start up''or "online Business" how to REALLY start up a profitable online based business that will bring in lots of profit.
This site is specially for internet entrepreneurs in my country (Nigeria),but other readers from the four corners of this world are highly welcome!

Hey you, I got some rules here!

Rule No.1: This website will only be updated weekly (I really want all what I show you here to SINK in your skull lol, don't worry I will share V.I.P stuffs with you  if needs be any time I get to share them with you!)

Rule No.2 : If confused see rule No.1 pal!

N.B :All what I will share with you here is hand made no "copy and paste"...so it's so fresh like fresh fish!

Thank you for coming here and I wish you success!